Liverpool Local Medical Committee documents can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Liverpool LMC Election 2018

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Developing And Improving General Practice

Reports from NHS England and the General Practitioner’s Committee on how changes to service delivery are envisaged over the next few years, are available for download.

In particular, in relation to improving General Practice, there are discussions about GPs and practices working closer together either in “networks, federations or even super-partnerships”. It is important that GPs appreciate the discussions that are taking place within NHS England so that decisions made locally are in keeping with the general direction being encouraged by Politicians. At present, the discrete GP Practice Unit, is not at threat. However, many believe that if General Practice is to survive, practice working as part of larger units will be necessary.

It is clear that the debate on 8.00 am – 8.00 pm working, 7 days per week, is only at its early stages, yet somehow the Government believes that this can be achieved with the current workforce. If practices are expected to be open longer hours, either services during the day will have to be diluted or additional staff recruited to allow for longer opening. As we move towards a General Election, it is important that GPs are fully appraised of the changes that are envisaged within the NHS.

Cheshire And Merseyside Commissioning Policy

The Commissioning Support Unit for Merseyside and Cheshire, on behalf of Liverpool CCG and neighbouring CCGs, is currently out to public consultation on clinical procedures that were previously known as Conditions Of Low Clinical Priority. The consultation document, which is available for download, details the various procedures and whether any changes are envisaged. GP and their staff, may be interested in commenting on the changes, but in particular, on possible changes to Varicose Veins, and their management.


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